Commercial Heating System Installation

Heatek offer a complete commercial heating installation service and design solution for every heating application right from site visit, consultation to installation and commissioning.

Commercial – Office Premises

All options are put forward to the client so energy efficiency and potential running cost advantages are made completely clear. We also provide as standard, all technical calculations.

This can be a simple LPHW system (Low Pressure Hot Water) to include boilers and radiators right through to the latest Air Conditioning Systems (please see Air Conditioning)

All our systems come with our warranty and service package so you can feel safe that once installation is complete we are still supporting you.

Commercial – Industrial / Warehouses / Factory

1. Warm Air Heating:

This is a very cost effective way of heating up a large factory, industrial or warehouse space by using a Blowing Warm Air System. As these rapidly react, they quickly heat the space without long cold waiting times.

All calculations and designs will be carried out based on the space that requires heating and the best system and most energy efficient solution will be put forward for the application.

If space is an issue for the heater, these don’t need to be floor mounted, they can be suspended from above. We would carry out all of the suspension work as part of the package.

2. Radiant Heating:

This is the best heating solution when you are trying to heat a small area of a large warehouse. It may be for a packing line or for keeping a small Warehouse team warm, when the rest of the large area does not need heating. As with all our services, this will be customised to suit the space it is designed to heat and like the warm air heating, is quick to respond. Because, as the names suggests this is radiant heating, it actually heats up the people below and within the direct space underneath rather than the surrounding air.

Please note, although Radiant heating is one of the best ways to ‘Spot heat’ it can also be very efficient to heat the complete area of a large unit very efficiently. Again, this needs to be designed to suit.

As with all our systems, heat loss and heat recovery of the premises play a major part of the solutions that we come up with. Understanding the building shell and the activity within forms a large part of our calculations and gives the client a clear understanding of the systems being put forward.


Being a GAS Safe & Refridgerant Safe registered company, you can be sure you are in the SAFEST hands

Having accounts with major manufacturers LG, Daikin and Mitsubishi, we can offer an air conditioning solution to best suit your needs and budget.

We offer an end-to-end complete design solution for every heating application right from site visit, consultation to installation and commissioning.

Our ventilation & extraction systems range from a simple fan through to a full mechanical air handling unit complete with heat recovery technology.

As part of our on-going support with clients, once any job has been completed, we will offer in writing a full service contract at a very competitive price.